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During the Covid-19 crisis everything is different. This also concerns the operating of Bars & Kneipen. Before you visit a place, check the opening hours and current hygiene regulations.

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Commercial ranking algorithms?!

tl;dr -> Most ranking systems are intransparent and can be influenced by money. Ratings and reviews only have a very small impact on the ranking of search results.

Ranking systems are used to bring content to the top of your search result page. A ranking system that can be influenced by money, is in my opinion a commercial ranking.

And these rankings have a major impact on our decisions: what we buy, read, consume and where we go in the physical world.

However, we do not know anything about these algorithmic systems and how they work. We have confidence, are comfortable and are happy with terms such as “personalization”. And we all know one signal that we rely on: Ratings and Reviews

These little stars that mean the world in our rating society. But these stars are not as important for ranking systems as they are for us. There are various other signals that have the same or more influence on what we see and find online. One signal is the time and money invested in the discoverability of an offer, product, or physical business.

I think the divergence between the way rankings work and our understanding of them is problematic, especially considering the far-reaching impact of these systems. Therefore, I want to create an alternative that works without this type of competition, that creates a new fair space for local providers and offers unmanipulated results to users.

No advertisements?!

Advertising business models based of collecting as much data of the user as possible, stands in conflict with your data privacy! Payed “recommendation"-advertising and ranking positions are sometimes difficult to recognize.

More thoughts about Maps & Directories:

Since smartphones are part of our daily lives, maps & directories are too.

Online maps are used for navigation but also for finding local businesses. Digital business directories often contain advertising and very dynamic, incomprehensible rankings. Big online companies that provide these (free) services are shaping the world we live in and they affect our movement in the physical world.

Map and business directory provider Google uses a ranking algorithm to show you a pre-selection of local search results. Google wants to keep its map experience as clean and easy as possible by limiting the number of visible entries at the default zoom level. The distance to an entry is not the most important signal for the ranking and in high density areas we have to zoom in to a maximum to really find a place that is close to us regardless of the number of reviews and good ratings the entry has. Google's "local ranking" mainly depends, among other "Signals", on the diligent completion of the locations "Google Business Profile" and their prominence on the world wide web. The best practices on SEO apply (Search Engine Optimization).

Online search results are subject to critical thinking. Advertising awareness, ranking mechanisms, data privacy and worth of your own data becoming a part of surfing the daily internet.

...and in times when people start to think about, how big online companies influence their lives and decisions. This idea is an alternativ approach to advertising, non-transparency, the massive collection of user data, our strange rating society and 'Signals' taking away our job of judgment!

Finally, its always good to find a bar with pool table the easy way! :-)


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